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Front Range Microbiome Symposium at CSU

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Monthly meeting of the CME

The next meeting of the CME will be held on Wed, May 8th in CIRES S274 from 3-4:30pm. The 2 speakers will be: 

 - Dr. Se Jin Song (postdoc, affiliated with the McKenzie Lab at CU and the UCSD Center for Microbiome Innovation), Talk Title: "Leveraging comparative analyses of vertebrate gut microbiomes to study convergence"

 - Dr. Colin Gates (postdoc, Cameron Lab, RASEI), Talk Title: "Interactions of phototropism and gravitropism in cyanobacteria”

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Wind River Conference on Prokaryotic Biology in Estes Park, CO

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Short-Read Sequencing Workshop

The annual DNA Lab Short-Read Sequencing Workshop will take place July 8-19, 2019 at CU Boulder East Campus.  Registration is free and required.  Click here for more details and to register.  Questions can be emailed to

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